Use a Hanger to Declutter Football Gear in Locker Rooms

Use a Hanger to Declutter Football Gear in Locker Rooms

Tips to declutter your team's football locker with one of the most simple tools you can find: a hanger.

There are a lot of problems plaguing football teams and athletic programs these days, everything from preventing player injuries to strategies for victory. While those can be complicated quandaries to address, there is at least one issue that’s easy to solve, and that is decluttering football gear in locker rooms. Even better, the ideal tool for the job has been under your nose the whole time: a simple hanger.

Decluttering your team’s gear isn’t just about keeping things looking nice. A neat, tidy locker room has a lot of tremendous benefits. Let’s look at what some of those are, and how you can utilize different types of hangers to keep things in order.

Benefits of an Organized Locker Room

There are several surprising benefits of keeping your locker room organized. Let’s look at just a few of them:

  • Boost morale: You know that feeling that you get when your entire house cleaned and organized? It applies in other spaces in which we spend time too. Keeping the locker room organized is a great (and easy) way to boost team morale and get games and practices off to a good start. Players and coaches will see that you care about them, and they will in turn take more pride in the team and the program.
  • Improve efficiency: We’re not just talking about your equipment managers. Everyone will save time knowing exactly where the items they need are located. What is more, it will be much easier to keep track of equipment and know when items need to be replaced if they’re properly stored and maintained.
  • It’s more hygienic: Stinky football gear is a sign that mold or bacteria might be growing on it, which is a health risk to your players and staff.
  • Extend the life of your gear: We all have budgets, and the longer we can make equipment last, the better. Keeping it organized and stored properly is one way to stretch its lifespan.
  • Impress recruits: A well-maintained locker room projects back on your program itself.

Ways to Use Regular Hangers to Declutter Football Gear

Let’s look at some ways that this everyday tool can be utilized in your locker room. Remember that the more equipment that you can hang and get off the ground, the better you’re able to maximize the limited space in your locker room. Here are the best ways and proper guide to maximize the space using Tough Hook hangers.

  • Hang jerseys, uniforms, and other articles of clothing: This might be obvious, but you’d be surprised how many athletic programs still leave these items in boxes or drawers. In addition, require players to hang up their street clothes in their own lockers.
  • Hang protective gear: Shoulder pads especially can be hung on hangers. Compared to other methods of storing them, hanging doesn’t take much more space. What’s more, hanging protective equipment allows it to dry and air out after each use, prolonging its life.
  • Hang towels: You undoubtedly go through towels at an exponential rate. Keep them clean by storing them on hangers.
  • Hang exercise equipment and tension gear: Many of these types of items can be hung up, too.
  • Maintain easy access: Even though you want bulky items out of sight, you still need to be able to access them quickly. Hanging them in a storage closet allows you to do so.
  • Hang bags of balls and other equipment on hangers: You’d be surprised how much you can get off the ground with a little creativity.
football gear


Special Hangers

Now let’s look at some different types of specialty hangers that many athletic programs utilize to keep their football gear and locker rooms organized and well maintained.

  • Heavy-duty hangers: A Tough Hook hanger can hold 150 pounds or more, making them great for a number of uses in a locker room. You could potentially even hang bags of balls or other equipment, getting more and more off the ground.
  • Magnetic hangers: These are quite useful if you have a lot of lockers or other metal surfaces in your locker room. Players can hang their street clothes and even cleats on them.
  • Tactical hangers: These were designed specifically for heavy-duty gear such as wetsuits, police or military vests, or sports equipment.
  • Hanging shelves: You might even have one of these in your home. Hanging shelves are great for storing small items, particularly if you’re investing in heavy-duty curtain rods.
  • Space-saving hangers: Again, you may have seen these used in homes for hanging multiple shirts or pairs of pants on a single hanger. They’re great for decluttering a locker room too, since they’re amazing space-savers and you undoubtedly need to hang multiple pairs of everything.
  • No-slip hangers: It might seem silly, but think about what a pain in the neck it would be to go to all this trouble to declutter your locker room, only to have items slipping off of hangers onto the neat floor.

Be Creative

How you use the organizational tools at your disposal will depend greatly on your space, which even in the best athletic programs is always going to be limited. Be creative! Using hangers is just one outside-the-box option for decluttering and maintaining football gear in the locker room.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can hangers really help extend the life of football gear?

Yes, by allowing proper storage and airing out, hangers reduce moisture, mold, and wear, prolonging gear’s usability.

Does the type of hanger matter for decluttering?

Using durable hangers like Tough Hook ensures that heavy items like protective gear are safely and efficiently stored.

How does an organized locker room affect equipment management?

With everything in its place, tracking, maintenance, and replacement becomes more streamlined and efficient.

Is it just about aesthetics, or are there health benefits too?

Besides looking neat, organized gear reduces risks of mold and bacteria, promoting a healthier environment.

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