Top Tips for a Storing Solution for Your Winter Sports Gear
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Top Tips for a Storing Solution for Your Winter Sports Gear

There are many different sports that people enjoy in the winter, such as skiing, skating, and building snowmen.

The problem is that you can only use this gear in the winter. The last thing you want is for the winter sports gear to take over your home so you need to come up with a storing solution. This will allow you to make sure that your winter things are out of the way until the next winter.

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Tips for a Storing Solution for Your Winter Sports Gear

1. Winter Jackets, Scarves, and Gloves

winter jackets

During the year, you will likely need to access your lightweight jackets, windbreakers, and raincoats. You probably don’t want your heavy winter clothing in the way. You may not even have room in your coat closet to hold everything. Once you clean them and dry them, you can fold some of your smaller items and store them in a plastic bin.

This is a great spot for hats, scarves, and gloves. You can also get vacuum-sealed bags to store heavier down coats and skiing pants. You can also use tough hook hangers as a storing solution for your winter clothing as well as some equipment. These hangers can hold up to 150 pounds and they will hold a number of jackets and pants on one hanger.

4. Skis and Snowboards

Skis and snowboards are bulky and can take a lot of space. One great way to store them is with a rack designed especially for them. You can hang a rack in the basement or the garage and keep your skiing equipment out of the way when you aren’t using it.

3. Use Shoe Racks

Many people have a lot of shoes that are winter only. You will want to have a place where you can keep them put away during the spring, summer, and fall months. Place shoe racks in a closet or in the basement and organize your winter boots so that they are easy to find next winter.  Ski boots are essential winter sports gear but you won’t need them the rest of the year.

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Top Tips for a Storing Solution for Your Winter Sports Gear

4. Put Shelves up in the Basement or Garage

shelves unit

Shelving can be a fantastic storing solution for your winter gear. You can build shelving units to hold your sledding equipment, your skiing gear, and more. You can create hooks on the ends of the shelving system where you can use tough hook hangers to hold winter skiing clothes and other items. These hangers are heavy-duty and come in different colors. They can hold jackets, backpacks, and ski bags.

5. Overhead Storage

You can also build overhead storage for your winter sports gear in your basement or garage. You can use lightweight PVC piping or wood and create a place where you can store your sleds, your skis, and other large equipment. You can also hang a tough hook hanger from the piping for other items, such as a ski bag or winter jackets.

6. Storing Ice Skates

You need to be careful when you store ice skates. The blades need to be dry and you can get cloth coverings for them. You don’t want to keep them on the ground where you might trip over them so you have a few different options. You can hang them on a tough hook hanger or keep them up on a shelf. That way, they will be protected and ready for next season.

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7. Ice Hockey Gear

hockey gear

Ice hockey is one of those winter sports that has a lot of gear. You have hockey stickers, skates, a helmet, and a lot of padding. You can store the hockey sticks on a rack and you can use a tough hook hanger to hang your skates and your padding. You can keep them in the garage or the basement and you will have this equipment out of the way until the next winter.

8. Snowshoes

ice shoes

Another winter item that you might have is snowshoes. They can’t be used during the rest of the year so you will want to store them out of the way. You need to hang them out of the way. They can go on a rack as your skis and hockey sticks or you can use a tough hook hanger to keep them stored out of the way. You can hang the hanger on one of your racks or on a hook until the following winter.

Final Words

It is important to have a space where you can store your winter sports gear. You won’t need it for nine months out of the year but you can use racks and tough hook hangers to hang your gear. Your winter gear will be safe and out of the way until you need it again.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any other storage solutions apart from tough hook hangers?

Yes, there are other options, like pegboards, storage cabinets, and wall-mounted hooks suitable for various gear types. 

How should I ensure proper ventilation for stored winter gear? 

Store in a dry place, avoid sealing gear completely in plastic and occasionally air out to prevent mold and odor. 

What are the pros and cons of vacuum-sealed bags?

They save space and protect against moisture but can compromise the loft of down items if stored for extended periods.

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