Frequently Asked Questions about Tough Hook

Got some questions about Tough Hook? We got answers. Welcome to our FAQs page where you can learn more about the patented, all-american-made, unbreakable heavy duty hanger able to hold over 200+ Lbs of weight.

Who is Tough Hook?

Tough Hook LLC is a Service-Disabled, Veteran-Owned, Small Business (SDVOSB) based in Montana. Our mission is to create and deliver the sturdiest, most durable clothing and equipment hangers available. We call them Tough Hook hangers for a reason.

Where is the Tough Hook made?

Tough Hooks are proudly manufactured in Bozeman, Montana USA by former law enforcement, military, and first-response professionals that ensure our nation’s freedom and safety.

What are Tough Hook hangers made from?

Tough Hooks are made from Advanced High Impact Polypropylene Plastic

Is Tough Hook as durable as you say?

Our products were designed to stand up to the most intense demands for an equipment hanger.  Tough Hook gear hanger is able to hold over to 200 Lbs of whatever, thanks to patented I-beam construction and impact-resistant resin which makes it nearly indestructible

How much weight can the Tough Hook really support?

The Tough Hook was designed to support 200 lbs/90 Kgs in very demanding daily conditions. There have been no definitive tests by a third party to test the actual load bearing capabilities; however, informal tests have shown that Tough Hook hangers can support an overall load of well over 200 Lbs/90 Kgs.

Is Tough Hook Hangers covered by any warranty?

Yes. All Tough Hook Hangers come with a 100% Lifetime Limited Warranty. If your Tough Hook ever breaks, bends, melts, warps, cracks or fails you in any way we’ll send you a new one.

Where are Tough Hook hangers used?

Tough Hook Hangers are designed by adventurers, our hanger can be used in Scuba Diving, Extreme Outdoor Sports, Tactical Equipment, Gym Equipment, Competitive sports, and pretty much anything else you can throw at it.

How many styles of hangers does Tough Hook have?

There are currently three styles or models of hangers available: The Original Tough Hook, the larger Tough Hanger XL and the newest Rhino Hanger. The models suite specific needs of outdoor sports enthusiasts, first responders, and law enforcement applications.

How many colors does Tough Hook have?

Currently Original Tough Hook Hanger comes in 10 different colors, while the Tough Hanger XL is available in 7 colors. We also have Special Edition colors for the Original Tough Hook Hanger such as Courage Pink, Open Sea Blue, and Luxury Blue. The newest Rhino Hanger is available in our 6 most popular colors.