Tips to Organize Crossfit Equipment with Heavy Duty Hangers
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Tips to Organize Crossfit Equipment with Heavy Duty Hangers

Whether you do crossfit at home or at a gym, you need to keep your crossfit equipment organized.

Trying to find everything you need when you are ready to work out is inconvenient. This will eliminate distractions or excuses for avoiding your workout and allow you to keep your CrossFit equipment in a safe place out of the way. You can use items such as a heavy-duty hanger to keep everything put away and still easy to access. Take a look at some of the ways you can organize your CrossFit equipment.

Use a Heavy-Duty Hanger to Organize Your CrossFit Equipment

One way to store your CrossFit equipment is with a heavy-duty hanger. For example, Tough Hook Hangers are heavy-duty and can hold up to 150 pounds. You can use an over-the-door rod to create a place to hang things on this hanger. This would be a great place to store a weighted crossfit vest or other heavy equipment that could benefit from a heavy-duty hanger.

Maximize Your Wall and Ceiling Areas

If you have CrossFit equipment, you can use your wall and ceiling space to ensure it is out of the way. For instance, you can hang hooks and racks from the ceiling and a couple of heavy-duty hangers and keep some of your equipment up there. Then, you can use the walls to hang baskets, shelves, and rods to store weights, mats, and other equipment. This is a great way to keep the floor clear and store your CrossFit equipment neatly.

Use Storage Containers

Another useful tool for storing your equipment is the storage container. You can choose plastic bins with tops, or you might use baskets. This is a great place to store your bands, bungees, smaller weights, and more. You can have baskets to hold your balls and other equipment. This helps you maximize your space and keep everything organized.

Prioritize Function Over Design

When you are setting up a room to store your crossfit equipment, you need to focus on function over design. You want to keep the area neat and clean, and this should be your priority. You won’t be able to put everything out of sight, but that is okay. If you have equipment that you use every day, it makes more sense to have it somewhere where it is accessible. In this case, don’t worry about having your equipment where people can see it.

tough hook

Keep Your Equipment in a Closet

You can set it up for your CrossFit equipment if you have a spare closet. You can use the shelves for weights and other exercise equipment and hang a tough hook hanger on the back of the closet door. This hanger comes in six different colors and can hold up to 150 pounds. You can hang mats over the bar on the bottom and store weighted vests, ankle weights, or other items on the hanger. You have many options because it is designed to hold so much weight. If you have a spare closet, this can be a great way to store and access your equipment anytime.

Final Words

If you exercise regularly, you will want to organize the equipment you use. This helps to make sure that your equipment is neatly arranged out of the way when you aren’t using it, but it will be easy to access when you need to. You can use part of a room or a spare closet if you have one. Use shelves, rods, hooks, and heavy duty hangers if possible. By keeping your equipment organized and accessible, it will be easy to workout whenever you want to.

Frequently Asked Questions

How effective are heavy-duty hangers in organizing CrossFit gear?

Heavy-duty hangers, like the Tough Hook Hangers, can hold up to 150 pounds, making them suitable for storing even heavy CrossFit equipment.

What benefits does an organized CrossFit space offer?

An organized space eliminates distractions, ensures safety, and provides easy access to equipment.

How can I utilize the back of my closet door for CrossFit storage?

Installing a heavy-duty hanger on the back can provide space for hanging various equipment items.

What items are suitable for over-the-door rod storage?

Weighted vests, resistance bands, and even certain weighted equipment can be hung if the rod and hanger can support the weight.

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