First Responders are always first on scene to save lives.

We are here to back them up.

First Responders risk their lives every day to save, protect, and carry out the toughest jobs in the world. Tough Hook heavy duty coat hangers are designed for a variety of demanding applications, including supporting our Heroes in the Fire, EMS, and Public Safety community.

Always Ready for the Toughest Jobs

Tough Hook Heavy Duty Coat Hangers are designed to hang, hold, and carry over 200 lbs. of emergency equipment as well as any heavy equipment, fitness equipment, camping gear, hiking, outdoor, tactical equipment, scuba diving gear, and pretty much anything you can throw at it. Our goal if to help First Responders organize and easily carry their gear on-route or during an emergency.

Heavy Duty Coat Hangers Features:
  • Over 200 lb. load capacity
  • Integrated, carry grip handle for easy transportation of heavy equipment
  • Patented, multi-purpose design
  • I-beam construction and impact-resistant resin makes it nearly indestructible
  • Manufactured in the USA
  • Backed with a 100% lifetime warranty

Scuba Icons USA flag | Heavy Duty Hangers by Tough Hook


Scuba Icons weight | Heavy Duty Hangers by Tough Hook

200 LB +

Scuba Icons ibeam | Heavy Duty Hangers by Tough Hook


Scuba Icons break | Heavy Duty Hangers by Tough Hook


Multi-Color Options for High Visibility

Coordinate and organize any Fire, EMS, and Public Safety gear with assorted Tough Hook Heavy Duty Coat Hangers colors. We are a tough ally to First Responders.

Heavy Duty Hanger for First Responders | Scuba Diving Gear | Fitness Gym Equipment

First Responder Gear Hanger & Storage Solution

When efficiency is a matter of life and death, having easy access to critical equipment such as Oxygen tanks and equipment, CPR kits, BVM mask storage, vests, fireproof suites, helmets, tools, hoses etc, becomes priority #1. First responders can use Tough Hook Heavy Duty Coat Hangers for easy access and on-the-go storage of many of those heavy and bulky items. Because Tough Hooks can handle over 200 Lb of weight, it becomes great ally to all First Responder personnel and a great storage and carry-all solution.

Heavy Duty Coat Hangers for First Responders

Extremely Durable

We are called Tough Hook for a reason. Tough Hook heavy duty hangers outperform any hanger on the market with a robust, built-in carry handle, and hooked ends to prevent slippage. Built with GP22 high-impact ABS plastic, Tough Hooks are extremely durable and flexible and able to tackle any job. Store and carry any type of emergency equipment or gear in one place with Tough Hook, your all-purpose clothing and equipment hanging solution.

Heavy Duty Coat Hangers for First Responders

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