2 Pack RHINO Heavy Duty Clothes Hanger Bundle


The RHINO Hanger is the Ultimate Multi-purpose Everyday Storage and Organization Hanger Solution. Special 2 Pack Heavy Duty Clothes Hanger Bundle. The Rhino was created with added design features intended for clothing storage and general household use.

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When the going gets tough... Get a Rhino! Now in a 2pk Heavy Duty Clothes Hanger Bundle.

Introducing the RHINO hanger by Tough Hook the most durable and versatile heavy duty clothes hanger. Now you can order the Rhino as a 2 Pack Clothes Hanger Bundle! The RHINO is the newest addition to the heavy duty clothes hanger line up.

The RHINO hanger was created with added design features intended for clothing storage and general household use. It is nearly indestructible, as the Rhino hanger shares the same strength and durability architecture as The Original Tough Hook and the Tough Hanger XL.

With a patent pending I-beam construction, and high impact plastic resin called High Impact Polypropylene Plastic, we dare you to find a stronger heavy duty clothes hanger.

Available in the following colors:
2 Pack RHINO Heavy Duty Clothes Hanger Bundle
Rhino Hanger
Foliage Green Rhino Hanger
Blue Rhino Hanger
Gray Rhino Hanger
red Rhino Hanger

Multipurpose Household Design

We are proud to say that we have built the toughest “multipurpose-everyday-household hanger” ever. By removing the integrated handle, we have made the new Rhino hanger lighter (0.65oz) and slightly smaller (under 18 in length) for increased practicality around the home or office.

Its new arc shape design with raised hooks allows for easy holding of heavy or delicate sleeveless clothing items and two side holes on the hanger itself to hang more stuff.

We also gave the new Rhino two tension hooks at the bottom of the arc design that allow you to securely attach multiple apparel accessories, such as belts, ties, chords, laces, or any piece of clothing or specialized equipment that needs to be hung via straps.


  • Multi-Purpose/Multi-Use Design
  • Easily hang and store your heavy clothing, gear and equipment
  • I-beam construction makes it strong and nearly indestructible
  • Made of High Impact Plastic Resin Material
  • Over 200 lb. load capacity
  • Manufactured in the U.S.A.
  • Backed with our 100% lifetime warranty

Still Heavy duty

The Rhino is just as tough as our other Heavy Duty Hangers. It can hold loads of over 200lb of pretty much anything. It has the same diameter thickness as Tough Hanger XL and comes in multiple colors. It is also made with our Patented High Impact Plastic Resin Material in Bozeman, Montana U.S.A. and is backed with our 100% lifetime warranty.

The Rhino Hanger by Tough Hook | 2 Pack RHINO Heavy Duty Clothes Hanger Bundle | 8 pk clothes hanger | 2 Pack RHINO Heavy Duty Clothes Hanger Bundle
The all new Rhino Hanger by Tough Hook | Heavy Duty Hanger
Heavy Duty Clothes Hanger Frequently Asked Questions:

Is this the best Heavy Duty Clothes Hanger?

Yes! The Rhino hanger and all Tough Hook Hangers have the ability to hold over 200lb of pretty much anything, The RHINO hanger has other clever features designed for household use.

What are the best coat hangers to use?

We believe the RHINO Heavy Duty Clothes Hanger can outperform any other hanger as it is trusted by thousands of people in Scuba Diving, Firefighting teams, outdoor sports, military and police, as well as fitness enthusiasts.

Are metal hangers better?

Not by a long shot. All tough hook hangers are made with High Impact Polypropylene Plastic which is extremely durable, and it is softer when in contact with inner clothes materials and linings, plus it won’t corrode bend or rust like metal hangers will.

Endless possibilities.

The RHINO is the Ultimate Heavy Duty Clothes Hanger

Motorcycling Body Armor

Heavy Snow/Hunting Apparel


Wedding Dresses


Suites or Gowns


Additional information

Additional information

Weight 9.6 oz
Dimensions 17.75 × 10 × .75 in

Tough Hook


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