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Wet Suit’s Lifespan: The Necessity of Sturdy Wet Suit Hangers

When it comes to water sports, a wet suit isn’t just a piece of equipment it’s an investment. This investment, much like any other, needs protection and maintenance. Part of this maintenance involves the use of robust wet suit hangers.

This article uncovers why every wet suit owner should consider a tough hook hanger for proper suit upkeep, thus enhancing the longevity of their gear.

The Importance of Proper Wet Suit Storage

Composed of neoprene, a synthetic rubber, wet suits provide essential buoyancy and thermal insulation and guard against scrapes and cuts underwater. Nevertheless, this material can deteriorate without proper care. Using ordinary hangers to store your wet suit can lead to stress points and eventual material deformation, thus shortening the suit’s life. Here’s why an investment in a resilient wet suit hanger is key.

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Preserving Shape and Distributing Weight

Wet suits, particularly when damp, are considerably weighty. Standard hangers must be built to support this weight evenly, often resulting in creases and stress points. A sturdy wet suit hanger ensures an even weight distribution, helping to maintain your suit’s original shape and fit over its lifetime. 

Enhancing Drying Efficiency

Unlike standard hangers, those for wet suits are constructed with increased ventilation, leading to quicker, more efficient drying. Prompt drying is crucial to prevent mold and mildew growth, which could degrade neoprene and produce undesirable smells.

Extending Suit Lifespan

A durable hook hanger can significantly increase the lifespan of your wet suit. The suit stays in excellent condition by preventing neoprene deformation and facilitating efficient drying, guaranteeing more dives for your money. 

 Selecting the Right Wet Suit Hanger

Recognize that not all wet suit hangers are equally effective. When choosing one, consider these factors to ensure the best care for your suit:

Durability of Material

Look for a hanger made of robust, non-corrosive materials. Plastic hangers are typically resilient and resist rust, making them suitable for suits exposed to saltwater and freshwater environments. 

Design Considerations

Wet suit hangers are available in various designs. Some feature a broad shoulder layout to evenly distribute the suit’s weight, while others include a vented design for speedier drying. Certain hangers can accommodate other diving equipment, such as boots and gloves. 

Cost Vs. Quality Consideration

So, you’re scanning the price tags? That’s natural. But remember, this is about more than just a hanger. It’s about the future of your precious wet suit. While cutting corners and saving a few bucks is tempting, a cheap hanger might cost more if it damages your suit. Investing in a higher quality, suit-specific hanger can save you from shelling out for a new wet suit later.

Maintenance of Your Wet Suit Hanger

Like your wet suit, your hanger could do with a little TLC. If you’ve been in saltwater, rinse it off well. Salt can get sneaky, causing corrosion over time, even on “rust-resistant” hangers. And always let your hanger dry off completely before using it. After all, you don’t want that pesky mold and mildew setting up shop.

Environmental Considerations 

Are you passionate about Mother Earth? You might be happy to hear there are eco-friendly options out there. Some hangers are made from recycled or recyclable materials, allowing you to care for your suit and the planet simultaneously. If going green is your thing, look out for these options next time you shop for a hanger.


Maintaining the condition of your wet suit goes beyond regular cleaning; it encompasses proper storage using a robust, suit-specific hanger. This hanger ensures even weight distribution, rapid drying, and an extended lifespan for your wet suit. Investing in a durable wet suit hanger means you’re not just buying a piece of gear. You’re safeguarding the longevity of your underwater adventures.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is hanging my wet suit on a standard clothes hanger okay? 

No, normal clothes hangers can cause your damp suit to form creases and stress points, leading to deformation.

Why should I aim to dry my wet suit quickly? 

Fast drying helps prevent mold and mildew growth, which can damage the neoprene and cause unpleasant smells.

What type of material is recommended for a wet suit hanger? 

It’s best to choose a hanger made from durable, rust-resistant material. Plastic hangers are durable and suitable for saltwater and freshwater suits.

Can a wet suit hanger extend my wet suit’s lifespan? 

Absolutely! A wet suit hanger helps prevent material deformation facilitates efficient drying, and maintains your suit’s shape, all of which contribute to extending your wet suit’s lifespan.

Can I hang other diving gear on a wet suit hanger? 

Certain hanger designs offer the functionality to hang other dive gear like boots and gloves. This feature saves storage space and allows additional equipment to dry effectively and maintain its shape.

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