No 1 Scuba Diving Gear Guide for Beginners

No 1 Scuba Diving Gear Guide for Beginners

Buying your first set of scuba diving gear should be done in two rounds.

First out, you’ll have to buy the necessary scuba diving gear to cover the basics to get through training and obtain your scuba license. After completing your training, you’ll be able to purchase the remaining gear to become a scuba diver.

Getting Down the Basics

There is some essential scuba diving gear every diver needs that you can purchase before you finish training. First on our list would be the scuba mask. This mask is one of the essential pieces that need to fit you properly for the best possible experience. Therefore, purchase your scuba mask before the course to make sure it works properly.

Next is a little but quite essential piece of scuba diving gear if we want to keep underwater for longer. I’m talking about a snorkel. Even without finishing the course, we can all agree that having a personal snorkel probably comes in handy both during and after the training. So, by now, we’ll be able to breathe and see while underwater.

Next on our list of essential scuba diving gear is the fins. Being able to see and breathe doesn’t help much if we can’t also move underwater. Make sure you purchase fins that fit your feet and have room for the wetsuit. Also, consider you may need to wear socks if you intend to dive during cold seasons.

Last but not least, on our list of essential gear is the wetsuit. This part of the equipment is one of the pieces you’ll be using the most alongside your other basics, so make sure you find one that fits well. It is best to buy a comfortable wetsuit instead of trying to save money because if your suite does not fit well, it will come back to ruin your experience later on.

After Getting Your License

After you get your scuba license, it’s time to purchase the remaining equipment. First, you’ll need a scuba BCD or Buoyancy compensator. Like all the pieces on the remainder of our list, this is essential. There is a wide range of BCDs out there. It is best to base your choice on your intended use and scuba style. Make sure to pick one that fits your needs. The BCD will keep all your gear in place, but make sure it’s made for the purpose you have it in mind.

Next out is the Scuba regulator. This little piece of equipment has the vital job of converting the high-pressure oxygen you carry in your tank into breathable air while you dive. As long as you purchase a regulator from a recognized brand, a budget solution will suffice.

The last piece of equipment on our list is a dive computer. Keeping track of dive tables is essential for safe diving. The dive computer makes this job more comfortable and your whole experience safer.

No 1 Scuba Diving Gear Guide for Beginners

Lets Get Organized

Now that we have all the equipment we need, we’ll need to store it properly. We trust our scuba diving gear to keep us alive underwater, and proper storing of this equipment will help keep it damage-free. Make sure to invest in appropriate hangers intended for heavy equipment such as Tough Hook Rather than those for everyday clothing. Hanging your gear will keep it from getting damaged and last longer.

No 1 Scuba Diving Gear Guide for Beginners
Organization of your Scuba Diving Gear

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