Top Seven Essential Tactical Equipment and Tactical Gear Items That You Need in Your Kit

Top Seven Essential Tactical Equipment and Tactical Gear Items That You Need in Your Kit

The world is so unpredictable today that many people are considering what they would need in the event of a disaster.

They want to be prepared for anything that might happen in the future. The reality is that it isn’t such a bad idea. More and more people are experiencing power outages from storms and other natural disasters, and essential tactical equipment and tactical gear can help you get by until you get through it. You need to consider the essentials, including electricity, food, and water. Then, look for the items that will allow you to survive.

Seven Essential Tactical Equipment and Tactical Gear Items That You Need

1. A Sturdy Backpack with Supplies

sturdy backpack

First, you must choose a sturdy backpack that is strong enough to hold your essential tactical equipment or tactical gear. At the same time, you need to be able to carry it wherever you need to go. You should fill it with items to help you in an emergency or a disaster.

You need certain things, including water filters and water, dehydrated and canned foods, a knife, rope or string, a gun and ammo, matches, and a compact blanket. These supplies will allow you to survive no matter where you need to go, and you should pack them as compactly as possible into your backpack.

You can get a backpack that is made specifically as a tactical backpack. It will be lighter than other backpacks, making it easier to carry. You want to ensure that you have a lot of pockets to keep your items organized and accessible.

2. A Tactical Flashlight


A flashlight is every kit’s essential tactical equipment or tactical gear. Since you will likely be without electricity in a disaster, a tactical flashlight is one of the most important pieces of tactical gear. You need to choose one that is compact but still has a powerful light. There are a lot of different choices out there. If you find one with options such as distress signals, that may help if you are stranded and need assistance.

Be sure to check out the features of the tactical flashlight, including the battery duration, brightness, size, and weight, and whether or not it has rechargeable batteries. You should have extra batteries for your flashlight.

3. Good Shoes


Protecting your feet is essential to survival. If you are dealing with any natural disaster, some form of flooding or debris will likely be in your way. If you injure your feet, you will no longer be mobile. Ensure you have a sturdy pair of shoes for your essential tactical equipment.

When you look at shoes, check the bottoms to ensure they have tough tread. You want protection for your toes and your ankles. In addition, make sure that your shoes are made out of rugged materials that can handle getting wet and doing a lot of walking.

4. Navigation and Communication Gear

satellite phone | Heavy Duty Hangers by Tough Hook

A natural disaster often leaves you without power or communication. If the cell towers and electric poles are out, your phone and computer won’t work. You need to make sure that you can communicate and get where you need to go.

One communication device that you can get is a satellite phone. This will allow you to communicate with others. You can get a satellite phone with navigation capabilities and might consider getting a reliable compass to keep in your bag.

5. A Power Bank

power bank

In most natural disasters, your electricity will go out. This leaves you no way to use items that need to be recharged or use power. However, a power bank can give you another charge. Consider the items you want to charge and get a suitable power bank. You have to carry this power bank with you, so you don’t want to choose one that is too heavy and bulky. Choose one that charges your essential tactical equipment, such as your phone and flashlight.

6. A Tactical Belt


The tactical belt will give you a place to store some tactical gear. It has spots to carry essentials such as your flashlight, knife, multitool, and anything else you want to access immediately. You should find one made of tactical nylon that is lightweight and rugged at the same time.

7. Tough Hook Hangers


tough hook hanger is an excellent tool for holding your tactical equipment. It is sturdy and rugged, holding up to 200 pounds. You can store your tactical kit on the hanger itself and take it with you if you need to go. If you leave your home, it will provide a safe place to keep your tactical kit.

Final Words

If you want to be prepared for an emergency or a natural disaster, you can create a survival kit using essential tactical gear. You will be prepared for any situation and you will be able to survive.

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of shoes should I include in my tactical gear? 

Shoes that have tough tread, provide protection to your toes and ankles, and are made out of rugged materials that can handle getting wet and extensive walking are essential. 

What are the options for communication and navigation during a natural disaster? 

Options include a satellite phone, which can help you communicate even if cell towers are out, and a reliable compass for navigation. 

How useful is a power bank in a survival kit? 

A power bank is vital as it can charge your essential tactical equipment, such as your phone and flashlight, in situations when a regular electricity supply is unavailable.



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