Top 10 Mountain Climbing Gear to Go Full Alpine Style

Top 10 Mountain Climbing Gear to Go Full Alpine Style

Going Alpine climbing is a self-sufficient activity,'ll need to carry your equipment.

Before your next climb, ensure you have the essential survival gear for mountain climbing. From your helmet and mitts to your boots and crampons, you need a variety of specialized equipment for Alpine climbing.

Alpine climbing is a self-sufficient activity. You need to carry equipment, food, and shelter as you climb. Choosing the right gear can help you traverse tough, rugged environments and safely reach the summit.

Start preparing for your next expedition with the following 10 essential pieces of mountain climbing gear:

No. 1

Hyperlite Mountain Gear 3400 Ice Pack

Your pack is one of the most important choices, as it holds most of your mountain climbing gear. The Hyperlite Mountain Gear 3400 Ice Pack is a top pick, as it offers the versatility needed to suit almost any situation.

As with most mountaineering or hiking backpacks, the 3400 Ice Pack from Hyperlite is made to carry crampons, ice tools, ropes, and other equipment. It stands out from the competition due to its lightweight, durable design.

The Ice Pack weighs 29.6 ounces, which is just under two pounds. Yet, it has a maximum capacity of 55 liters and 40 pounds. You have more than enough room for a five-day to seven-day trek. When using less space, you can roll the top of the pack down.

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No. 2

Tactical Bump Helmet

Protect your skull with the Tactical Bump Helmet from Chase Tactical. There are plenty of options when it comes to protecting your head; however, we went with the Bump helmet by Chase Tactical because of the awesome reputation this company has on hard core protective gear.

Also, there are lots of reviews on this helmet that show its performance. We love the lightweight design and how comfortable it is to wear, and we know it will offer maximum protection during bumps against rock and ice.

The impact absorbent weighs just 24 ounces and includes universal sizing to fit any size head. You can also choose from 13 colors to suit your style.

The Chase Tactical Bump Helmet also includes various mountains and rails. It has top and side strips for attaching lights and illuminators. You can also mount helmet cams or lights to the upper dovetail accessory rail.

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No. 3

Mountain Hardwear Absolute Zero Mitts

The Mountain Hardwear Absolute Zero Mitts shield your hands from the coldest temperatures. The mitts are lined with fleece and a moisture-resistant filling for dependable warmth in cold, wet conditions.

Climbing to the summit of any of the tallest mountains involves reaching an elevation of 8,500 or more meters. Air pressure and temperatures drop significantly, requiring extra protection for your hands.

The Absolute Zero Mitts ensure that you are protected against the extreme cold thanks to the extra length of the mitts and the two-stage cinch system. The mitts extend far below your wrists and include a cinch at the bottom and around the wrists.

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No. 4

La Sportiva Spantik Boots

If you want a solid pair of boots for your Mountain Climbing Gear list that can keep your feet comfortable and dry at the highest altitudes, get a pair of La Sportiva Spantik Boots.

These boots feature water-repellent material with plastic reinforcement and closed-cell foam lining. The selection of materials and reinforcement offer increased warmth and durability.

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No. 5

Cassin Alpinist Tech Crampons

Along with boots, you will need a good set of crampons. The Cassin Alpinist Tech Crampons provide the reliability needed for alpine climbing. The crampons are adjustable and made to provide a precise fit with your boots.

The front points and side points also feature serrated spikes, which gives you more grip compared to some of the less expensive crampons. The heel bails are also height-adjustable for increased customization.


No. 6

Cassin X-Dream Alpine Ice Axe

Cassin also makes a great set of ice tools. Pair your crampons with the Cassin X-Dream Alpine Ice Axe for increased security. The X-Dream axe is lightweight and balanced for long, technical routes.

The Cassin X-Dream Alpine Ice Axes include adjustable, ergonomic grips and sharp treads for tackling dry and icy surfaces. Each ice axe also has a spike at the bottom of the grip and a hammer at the backside of the head. It is a versatile tool and extremely light. Each axe only weighs four ounces.

ice axe

No. 7

DMM Maverick 2 Harness

A harness is another essential piece of mountain climbing gear for keeping you secure as you descend or ascend a mountain. The DMM Maverick 2 Harness provides a streamlined system for making it easier to keep your gear organized. It has four gear loops, two vault slots, and a tool loop.

The harness weighs just under one pound and features ventilated internal padding for increased comfort.


No. 8

Sterling 9.8mm Evolution Velocity Dynamic Climbing Rope

No Mountain Climbing Gear list is complete without a rope. Sterling is a top manufacturer of climbing ropes and the 9.8mm Evolution Velocity Rope is the perfect choice for an alpine climb. It offers the right amount of stiffness for keeping the rope from flopping or stretching as you ascend or descend.

The 60-meter rope offers the best value, but you can purchase it in other lengths. It is also available in multiple colors, including green and yellow.

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No. 9

Petzl Laser Speed Ice Screws

You need screws for anchoring your rope and the Petzl Laser Speed Ice Screws are among the top-rated choices. You get an assortment of screws of varying lengths with color-coded handles to quickly identify the right screw.

Petzl uses lightweight aluminum instead of steel, resulting in a lighter, more durable screw. The tips and handles allow you to easily apply more force and drive the screw through the ice.

ice screws

No. 10

Suunto 9 Baro GPS Watch

This is an essential, and often overlooked item you should have in your Mountain Climbing Gear stock: A capable GPS watch. In this case, keep track of your position and the time with the Suunto 9 Baro GPS Watch. The stylish, durable watch includes a barometer to help track elevation and air pressure, which can make it easier to monitor conditions as you climb.

Other useful features include a large touchscreen display, a 100-meter water-resistant design, and intelligent battery modes. It offers enough battery life to last your entire trek while recording your route.


Final thoughts…

Don’t cheap out and get go with the BEST mountain climbing gear that will fit your climb

You now have a selection of high-end mountain climbing gear to help with your next climb. However, there is a unique product you must consider, and that is a Tough Hook Hanger. Tough Hook hangers are very unique, and its main perk is that they are nearly unbreakable, that means you can use them as a solution to hang, store or organize all of your stuff when stopping for brakes and such (especially if you are going alpine style).

You can even use a tough hook hanger as part of an anchoring system, or an aid device, or a tow device, etc. (they can hold up to 200lb of weight) the point is you can be very creative with these hangers. They are simple and elegant storage solution to all outdoor enthusiast worldwide.

You might disagree with our product choices over here, but we picked these based on our experience and research. If you feel we should have included other items or have comments about this Mountain Climbing Gear list, let us in the comment section below.

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Overall, choosing the best products can increase your safety and give you the confidence needed to reach any summit. Along with the items discussed, do not forget to pack the rest of your gear, including toiletries and food… and with that, have an EPIC climb!

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need any special training to use the Tactical Bump Helmet? 

While the helmet is user-friendly, it’s wise to familiarize yourself with its adjustments and features. However, full specialized training isn’t necessary. Regular helmet safety practices apply.

Can I use the La Sportiva Spantik Boots for winter activities, like snowshoeing?

While primarily designed for alpine climbing, these boots can be versatile. However, for optimal comfort and performance, use activity-specific boots.

How do I care for and maintain the DMM Maverick 2 Harness to ensure longevity? 

Regularly inspect for wear and tear, avoid direct sunlight for extended periods, and clean with mild soap and water, allowing air to dry. 

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