Heavy Duty Hangers

The Toughest Heavy Duty Hangers in the world

Unbreakable multi-purpose heavy duty hanger made in the U.S.A. by U.S. Veterans. Shop now for your favorite color and have it delivered with Lifetime Warranty thanks to its patented I-Beam construction which make it indestructible.


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The RHINO Hanger


The RHINO Maple Polywood Hanger (Special Edition)


Tough Hanger XL


Original Tough Hook Hanger


Original Tough Hook Hanger – Luxury Blue (Special Edition)


Original Tough Hook Hanger – Courage Pink (Special Edition)


Rhino ID Hanger (Identification Hanger)


Tough Hanger XL ID Hanger (Identification Hanger)


Original Tough Hook Hanger – Maple Polywood Hanger (Special Edition)


2 Pack RHINO Heavy Duty Clothes Hanger Bundle


Original Tough Hook ID Hanger (Identification Hanger)


Original Tough Hook ID MAX Hanger (Identification Hanger)