Top Unconventional ways to do Pull-up Exercises

Top Unconventional ways to do Pull-up Exercises

No Gym equipment? No problem, Try some pull-ups.

Pull-ups are great to stretch your back after a long trip and keep your upper body fit. If you’re a fitness enthusiast, you know how disappointing it is to travel or otherwise be unable to exercise. Once regular exercise becomes an important part of your life, it’s easy not to want to miss a single day of it. If you love doing pull-ups, missing just one day can do a lot of damage, but fortunately, there are ways you can stick with these exercises even if you’re on the road and have no special equipment with you. Can you do these exercises without the right gym equipment? Yes, you could, so keep reading to find out how.

Note: These exercises should be practiced on gym equipment. DO NOT HURT YOURSELF. Trying these pull-up exercises with a Tough Hook hanger is not ideal, but can still be effective when done properly. This article just suggests a creative approach to fitness using hangers. Plus, be advised that while any Tough Hook hanger can easily hold loads of over 150 Lbs, these hangers need to be hooked on to a surface, bar, chain or other equipment that can hold your weight.

Standard Chin-ups

This is a standard underhand, palms-inward chin-up. Your hands should be a shoulder width apart to provide you with the ability to grab the bar properly. If you are traveling and don’t have a bar to use, you can try something unique, such as the Tough Hook tactical hanger, which can support the weight of most grown men.

Hammer Grip Pull-up

Also called a parallel grip pull-up, these are harder than standard pull-ups because your palms are actually facing one another. They are also not that far apart from one another like they are in other exercises. Even when you’re in the gym, many fitness centers do not have the equipment to accommodate this type of exercise, but again, the Tough Hook hanger is a great alternative. You can bring it with you wherever you go, and it never takes up a lot of room in your suitcase.

Hammer Pull-ups | Tough Hook Hanger as Gym Equipment

Mixed Grip Pull-up

These are different because one hand will be facing inward and one will be facing outward. The exercise works many different muscle groups because of this. To be effective, however, you should switch your hands’ positions after each set so that the muscles are all evenly worked. A Tough Hook hanger can accommodate this position as well, because as its name suggests, it is tough enough to accommodate many different types of pull-ups regardless of your gender or size.

Classic Pull-ups

This is much like a standard chin-up except that, instead of your palms facing inward, they’ll be facing outward. Your hands will still be shoulder width apart, except that your hands are facing a different direction. This is a favorite type of pull-up for a lot of people who work out, and like the standard chin-ups, you can do these with a Tough Hook hanger if you’re traveling or can’t leave home to work out but you don’t have a regular bar like the ones used at fitness centers.

Classic Pull-ups | Tough Hook Hanger as Gym Equipment

Narrow and Wide Grip Pull-ups

These are a bit tougher than other pull-ups and are considered an advanced exercise. With these pull-ups, you simply alternate between wide and narrow grips. Keep in mind that the narrower your grip is, the more you’ll be able to work your chest muscles. Conversely, the wider your grip is, the more your back muscles will be given a workout. Again, you can use the Tough Hook hanger to do the narrow grip pull-up and maybe two hangers to being able to do the wide grip.

Around the World Pull-ups

This is another advanced move that shouldn’t be tried by beginners. Lift yourself up as you would do with a standard pull-up, except before you lower yourself, turn your body to face the left arm and hand. Then, turn your body to face the other arm and hand. Even with something this complicated, you can still use your Tough Hook hanger to do this exercise, and your entire body will reap the benefits.

Towel Pull-ups

This is a good exercise to end your workout with. To do towel pull-ups, wrap two towels around the bar and let them hang down below the bar. Then, grab hold of the towels and use them to pull yourself up while you exercise. This is a great exercise for improving your grip, so when you start your exercises the next time, your grip will eventually be much stronger. You can also do these using the Tough Hook hanger because all you have to do is place the towels over the hanger. These hangers work great because they can accommodate most adults and because they have a design that allows them to suit most of your exercise needs.

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